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Guthrie Machine Works
3101 Verona Ave.
Buford, GA 30518

TEL. 770-831-5551
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CNC Turning

Guthrie Machine Works provides valued CNC turning services to meet our customer's exact specifications. We offer extensive CNC Turning capabilities; to create axi-symmetric, rotational parts with many features like threads, steps, chamfers, holes, grooves, tapers, varied diameters, and contours. Bushings and bosses, pins, gears, and pulleys are some of the sample products that we offer.





Screw Machining

Guthrie Machine Works offers both Single-Spindle and Multi-Spindle screw machining. Single & multiple spindle screw machining is ideal for low and high volume applications. We perform our screw machining operations with Warner & Swasey multi-spindle automatic machines and Brown & Sharpe single-spindle machines.

Diametrical parts with excellent finishes and close tolerances are achieved easily through the screw machining process. Our rapid prototyping, low to high volume production, and just-in-time delivery capabilities depict our expertise in the field of screw machining.





CNC Milling

We offer efficient CNC milling services that aim at providing the desirable shape with exact specifications. Our newest ranges of CNC milling machines are competent to provide tighter tolerances with excellent surface finishes.

Parts made by us follow strict specifications as per the customer requirements, capable of a wide range of operations such as slot cutting, planing, drilling, diesinking, rebating, routing, etc. With a new modern facility, we render service to diversified industries from automotive to agriculture.





Precision Saw Cutting

Guthrie Machine Works has made substantial investments in precision saw cutting equipment to achieve flat, square, smooth surfaces to .001" tolerances of most metals up to 8" diameter. Saw cutting services at Guthrie Machine Works are precise and very effective.

Our cutting services are well-suited for processing all types of standard and non standard materials. We make use of high quality sawing machines specifically designed for heavy and repeated use.





Metal Stamping

Stamping services at Guthrie Machine Works use the best of class machines to manufacture parts according to the demands of the customer. We can execute complex stamping operations and our processes are suited for small and large volume productions.

We use the Minster 60 ton press and L&J 22 Ton for all our stamping operations. Our machines are ideal for producing closer tolerances even in small parts at rapid rates.





Broaching Services

Broaching services at Guthrie Machine Works are of the finest quality and standard. We specialize in ID and keyway broaching of parts. Internal forms in gears,pullies, hubs, and sprockets are effectively shaped through broaching. Polygonal shapes, enlargement of preformed holes into specific shapes or any kind of non circular shape is easily produced through our broaching services.

Our broaching process is highly productive, versatile, economic, offers closer tolerances, and is most appropriate for larger production runs





Assembly Services

Guthrie Machine Works can provide the time-saving convenience of assembling fabricated, off-the-shelf and customer supplied parts. We offer assembly solutions that aid in the production of high performance products and as a contract manufacturer we strictly adhere to customer specifications. We can handle both small and large volume production orders with consistency to meet your needs.





Finishing Services

We offer superior quality plating and heat treating services to our customers. Parts which are constantly subjected to vibration and torque are protected through our finishing services. Adverse movements during machining operations deteriorate the effectiveness of the part and rupture its finishes. Our finishing services ensure that the parts are free from such ruptures and burrs.





Secondary Services

Guthrie Machine Works offers a variety of value-added services such as drilling, tapping, centerless grinding, tumbling, chamfering, keyway and ID broaching, welding and assembly. We as a contract manufacturer make parts according to strict customer specifications. We can handle both large and small volume production orders with high accuracy.



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